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Le Dîner en Blanc returns to Memphis

Can you believe it's already been a whole year since the very first Le Dîner en Blanc – Memphis? Last year, you helped us create a beautiful inaugural event at Memphis Park, with over 1,100 elegant guests. Get ready to toast the city for the second time! As per our tradition, this season's spectacular culinary event will take place in a new secret location. We can't tell you where, but we can tell you when...
 August 31, 2019

If you would like to share this experience and invite even more friends, please encourage them to sign up for the waiting list by simply clicking on

We are so excited to join you for another unforgettable evening!

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Tracey Mitchell...
4 month ago
Are decorative plastic plates/dinnerware ok?
Timothy D.
4 month ago
Are we allowed to bring a white cooler for food/wine instead of picnic basket? I have not been able to find an all white picnic basket anywhere.
Hope J.
Hello Timothy,
Yes you can bring a cooler if you like. I found my white cooler at target. FYI
Kim S.
4 month ago
How do I change my transportation to bus this is my first time attending I didn’t know what to choose
Hope J.
Hello Kim S.
Please allow me to reach out to someone for the correct information and I will get back to you.
Hope J.
Go to your portal right over your picture there's 2 links. Click on them. All the information is located there
Kendra L.
4 month ago
Good morning everyone, this is my first time attending. Table and chair rental was not available when I registered. Will my husband and I have somewhere to sit without being able to rent a table?
Timothy D.
You will have to bring your own.
Hope J.
Correct Timothy,
You will have to bring your own seating. Check the sporting good stores and IKea for the table and chairs.
Sheila T.
1 year ago
What time do we meet?
Hope J.
Hello Shelia,
There will be an email sent out with all that information included
Mary A.
Table Leader
1 year ago
How do I upload my photo?
Hope J.
Hello Mary,
I see your picture. You look great!
C H.
3 year ago
I can't wait! I am super EXCITED!
Janette C.
Excitment is brewing
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